Because “Quit your job, buy a ticket, fall in love with the world” Does Not Sound So Crazy Anymore..

And just like that, I am no longer a stranger in my own heart.. About two years ago, I wrote a blog about the being lost at 23. I just turned 25 and I just don’t feel this lost anymore. Let me clarify. I just got back from Europe, and I have all the symptoms [...]


Being Vegan: A 6 month review


a coffee break with mike

6 months ago I made the decision to trial a life of not eating animals or animal-related products for a few weeks. No more meat, cheese, milk, honey and so on. After a few weeks, I realised the likelihood of reverting back was slim. And so it proved, the trial turned into a permanent change. So, how am I doing 6 months on?

The short answer: Absolutely fantastic

3277f2ed9dcdcb7ee8dbb1a84340bd5fHave there been hiccups along the way? Of course. But with anything worth doing in life, there exists the occasional roadblock to test your mental fortitude as if to ask, ‘do you reallymean what you’re saying and doing?’

As the weeks rolled by, I learnt that one by one, I was crossing more food off the list of what I could eat. Sometimes it was hugely disappointing, especially if I had my heart set on something for breakfast. Other times, it wasn’t so bad.

  • Jelly lollies? Nope, they’re…

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Love Thyself: The Prerequisite to Valentine

It’s leap year and you know what that means!!! In case you don’t, in Ireland, there is a tradition, which supposedly holds that men cannot refuse a woman's proposal for marriage during leap year. #Getonitladies #onewaytickettoIrelandplease W A I T Ladies and Gentlemen, before you go proposing or accepting proposals, I was wondering, do you [...]