My Pep Talk With Daddy: Over A Mint Mojito Iced Coffee.



My father -a former lieutenant in the Egyptian army, a former journalist at the Al Ahram Egyptian newspaper, an investor and an entrepreneur- gave me the best advice.

He caught me off guard the other day and wanted to bond over my favorite beverage; COFFEE. We started talking about what I have been doing with my life and what he has done with his. He told me about his journey that started in Iraq when he was a construction worker back in the 80’s. Then he told me about how he got into investing and even how he met my mom and how he was persistent about marrying her (He was not persistent, he was a creep).

Anyway, As the conversation evolved, I asked him the inevitable question: ‘How did you get where you are today?’ He smiled and responded: “the how is unique to every individual because it depends on so many factors but the why, I can tell you”. Out of much curiosity and eager anticipation, I said: ‘tell me tell me tell me’. He said: “One succeeds only when they are doing what they are good at, NOT what they are pretending to be good at.” He explained in more depth and related it back to his life and decisions.

Nevertheless, I learned that we are all ABLE to do anything asked of us but to do it well, we must love it, and we love what we’re good at. Kind of a chain reaction..

I encourage you to Find what you’re good at, augment it and take pride in it. Surely, success will follow. You will feel motivated, productive, fulfilled And more importantly, you’ll never feel like you’re working a day in your life.

If you’re curious how the talk ended with my dad, he asked me to make him another mojito; I said, no. Then we hugged it out.

Good talk daddy, you’re a good man!


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