Love Thyself: The Prerequisite to Valentine

It’s leap year and you know what that means!!! In case you don’t, in Ireland, there is a tradition, which supposedly holds that men cannot refuse a woman’s proposal for marriage during leap year. #Getonitladies #onewaytickettoIrelandplease

W A I T Ladies and Gentlemen, before you go proposing or accepting proposals, I was wondering, do you know what love is? I, by no means, claim to know the answer to this archaic question. But do you (please holler at me if so)? I mean, religion says God is love and love is sacrifice. Science says love is neurological chemicals leading to the tingly feelings. Philosophers say love is passion and so on.

So I challenged Siri… #drumrollplease

I said: ‘Siri, what’s love?’ In his beautiful British accent, Siri responded: “I can’t answer that” and his answer was legitimate. We all have different perceptions and we all look at love from different lens; our unique lens from which we see the world. I can’t blame you if you believe in philia, or ludus, or Pragma, or agapé, or even Philautia. On the contrary, I would blame you if you expect one person to offer you all forms of love.

My point here is that love is what you make it as long as you take responsibility for it. Whatever form of love it may be, trust that what feels like love, is love. Trust that whatever makes you feel sombre, meager or undeserving, is simply not love.

The Challenge:

Today, I challenge you to learn self-love before you share love with someone else. Before you go proposing (or for the ladies, move to Ireland and propose on leap year), I believe you must first learn self-affection, self-awareness, self-regard, self-worth and self-knowing. If someone wants to have a better understanding of how to love others, you first need to learn how to love yourself. Love yourself for your flaws and insecurities because they will turn into perfections and blessings. Psychologists who study self-love defined it as a “very positive concept involving the practice of several self-enhancing qualities of thinking, feeling, and acting towards yourself”; think of it as being your own best friend.

The How: 

First, get to know the real you and be your own bff. Spend quality time with yourself everyday, write down your thoughts, define your goals and dreams. As a result, you’ll learn self-worth and self-knowing. Second, go do something you like and do it solo. Solo time will teach you to appreciate your own company and help better understand yourself; which will ultimately give you self-regard. Third, go easy on yourself! sometimes, we are the reason we feel stressed or maddened. Don’t overload your boat, because it’ll sink.

Practicing self-love requires effort, and can be a battle when we’re in difficult times. My wish for you is this: To be your own valentine this year. learn more about yourself, take yourself out on a walk. Think about why you do the things you do. Only then, you are capable of loving someone else.

You’ll just know how..

May we all have prosperity in whatever form of love we find.






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