Coffee talk: Our brain on 23 as we cross over to the dark side

Sippin’ on my cup of Joe, I felt bitter that no one told me 23 was going to be this bumpy. The heart and the brain are diverging and disharmonizing, and you’re so paralyzed by the myriad of voices in your head that you cannot even make a simple choice about what you want to eat for dinner, let a lone what direction to take in life. #Rough

This is I, today. I never thought me; I have always been ahead of the curve. Mistaken. I was very mistaken. #Dismal

I’m 23 going on 24 and it has proven to be the wildest transition of my life thus far. I got my degree in cognitive neuroscience with emphasis on research methods and statistical data analysis (fancy, I know) and was always the smart gal in school that everyone wanted to sit next to in class (not to be friends with but to cheat from on quizzes and exams). In my community, I was the gal everyone strived to like and my parents bragged about me to their friends. I was happy; I took my MCAT, finished my Medical School applications and wrote my personal statement. After graduation, I was gifted a trip to New York, and on my way home, I realized I have absolutely no idea what the heck it is that I actually want to do. I mean, I thought I had it figured out since I was a child playing pretend doctor (neurologist) with my neighboring childhood friends; nonetheless, everything got blurry. #Cryptic

Currently, I’m on a mission to decipher my dreams; if you already know the code then please holler at me. I had a moment of bingo earlier; I realized that 23 is everyone’s hapless year. We all feel embarrassed when suddenly we realize we have absolutely nothing together and have literally no idea what we are doing or what we want to be. Weren’t we supposed to figure this out when we chose a major in college? Or in my case, when I was a child. #overcast


Putting my Neuro-knowledge and analytical skills to work, I saw a pattern and figured out the puzzle about the mystical 23. #Newton

When we pick a major at school and go through the sleepless nights of studying then graduate, we think we’ve grown. We’re “adults” now and have our bunk together. Suddenly, we realize, this isn’t the case and we panic because we’re not as cool or as put together as we expected ourselves to be after college. BUT, what if we stopped this facade game of “I got my shit together” and just admit that we’re on a crazy path with no direction and that it’s OKAY? I recently listened to a Ted talk that have changed my perspective on life when she said, “passion is a feeling, and feelings change.” I figured, 23 aint no conundrum and no we don’t need Mr. Sherlock Holmes to solve it for us. #Enlightenment

23 is an intersection of thinking we’re adults and actually becoming adults. We are so afraid to admit we are in the middle of figuring out who we are, because we’re scared of those who will judge us for not eating the right meal, wearing the right clothes, leaving our loved ones for no good reason and making mistakes; we’re just scared people call us mad. BUT, who gives a damn? Stop fearing you are disappointing people. Stop believing people actually do care. They really don’t care as much as you think. #theydontcare

My challenge for you

I challenged myself. So I’m challenging you now. I want you to be you and do you! Be proud of living 23. Be crazy. Be genuine. And most importantly (well to me, it’s the most important) be raw. LOVE being 23, you’re young, confused and beautiful. Please be real to yourself, not to others, it’ll make this confusing journey less confusing if you’re real to yourself. Keith Moore says, “God can only meet you where you are, not where you pretend to be.” Do anything you want now and if that’s not your calling and you need to change paths, always remember that it’s OKAY because passion is a feeling and feelings change. #23figuredout

And just FYI: At 23, JK Rowling was broke. Tina Fey was working at the YMCA. Oprah had just gotten fired from her first job as a TV reporter and Walt Disney had declared bankruptcy.





18 thoughts on “Coffee talk: Our brain on 23 as we cross over to the dark side

  1. Great post 🙂 At 23, you have the world in front of you. You have a lot more wisdom than most people will have in their lifetime so you’re already a mile ahead. Part of me wishes I knew this at 23, so I didn’t have to wait for another 8-10 years for the penny to drop, but hey, life happens whenever it happens.


  2. This spoke to me more than you can imagine. My very situation in life right now. And thank you. I need to constantly remind myself that it’s OK. As long as I’m dreaming, its not over. Wonderful post and beautiful writing. I can’t wait for more.

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  3. Although I am only 18 I recently have completely had my planned out life flipped around (hence the blog and my first blog post… So unlike me). I can relate and you have given me hope and more drive to be as raw as I can be. Hope your heart is guiding you to where you need to be.

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